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Encores for Toscanini's Soup!

MRS. GEORGE ADAIR of Ridgewood, N. J., writes that, "A dozen years ago THIS WEEK published the late Arturo Toscanini's favorite soup recipes. Now I have lost the clipping. Help! My family loved these soups. Do you still have them in file?"

Yes, we have the recipes - we keep them handy because so many readers have asked for them. So we hurried the Toscanini favorites along to Mrs. Adair. Here we give the rice-and-celery soup, Conductor Toscanini's favorite light supper before a concert.

On ordninary days when there wasn't a program the Maestro preferred a hearty brew for the beginning of dinner, very often Anna's Minestrone.

Anna Saccomandi, Toscanini's home cook, told me, "Food is the last thing in the world the Maestro would fuss about, but it might be the first thing if he didn't get soup."

Toscanini was a soup fancier since his student days when he subsisted on scarcely anything else. Anna strengthened the Maestro's daily soup with a sturdy beef base.

1 tablespoon butter or margarine
3 tablespoons minced celery
2 tablespoons rice
2 cups beef stock (or canned bouillon)
1 tablespoon minced parsley

Melt butter in saucepan. Add celery; cook over low heat until tender. Add rice. Add 1 cup the beef stock. Cover, simmer until rice tender. Add remaining beef stock. Heat to boiling. Sprinkle on parsley. Serve with hot toast points.

Yield: 1 generous portion. - THE END

Quelle: The Spokesman-Review, 6. Jan. 1962, Encores for Toscanini's Soup!

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